Ad Spaces

Ad Space Title: Custom eye catching JEEP

Ad Space Title: Advertise on sides of beautiful motorhome!!!

Description: Have a 33' Motorhome in excellent condition (see 1996 Thor Grand Manor)...Height is 11' 5"..... Will travel extensively throughout U.S.

PRICE: $1,000

Ad Space Title: Mobile Billboards

Description: We Currently run 30+ Trucks through the Western 11 states and Canada. Looking for companies that would like to have a moving billboard with mass expo...

PRICE: Negotiable

Ad Space Title: Be seen by thousands of people in the biggest festival and party city in the US

Description: adverties in the biggest festival and party city in the US like Mardi Gras, ESSENCE festival, VOODOO Fest,Jazz Fest, New Orleans Film fest, French Qua...

PRICE: 4,500

Ad Space Title: Ad Space on a Semitruck and Semitrailer

Description: Our Company owns a semi-truck and a semi- trailer where we would like to put your ads. the Truck is in constant move over the entire country.

PRICE: 800

Ad Space Title: The tool guy

Description: 20 foot tool truck On the road 32 hours a week Wrap my truck

PRICE: $5000.00 a month OBO

Ad Space Title: Advertise on my Truck

Description: I drive two separate vendor routes between Frisco and Richardson. Totaling 400 miles a week. The coverage is enormous. Thousands of people see the tru...

PRICE: 1000

Ad Space Title: Advertise on my Big Rig Trucks across the Country

Description: I have 4 big Semi-trucks with 53ft Semi-Trailers that can be used for add space. My trucks travel everywhere in the USA and cover at least 14,000 mile...

PRICE: negotiable

Ad Space Title: Advertising Space on Trailers

Description: 12 trailers 53' available to get wrapped,

PRICE: 1000

Ad Space Title: Over The Road Semi Trailer Ad Space

Description: Looking to ad advertising to my over the road fleet. These units travel roughly 3,000 miles per week throughout the continental US.

PRICE: 1000

"In advertising, not to be different is virtual suicide."
-William Bernbach