Ad Spaces

Ad Space Title: National primetime sports show on CBS Sports selling ad spots for local pricing

Description: Poker Night In America is a top rated, national sports show, airing in primetime, nationwide, on CBS Sports every Monday evening. Our cast includes H...

PRICE: negotiable, starting at $500 for a national, primetime ad spot.

Ad Space Title: smart screens advertising

Description: I have place a advertising screen in 15 barbershops across Leicester (UK). The average customer is in the shop for around 25-30 minutes so its a good ...

PRICE: £500 for year

Ad Space Title: Healthcare Television Network

Description: Improving the health outcome of patients across America by engaging them in positive, educational, and inspirational, programming and simplifying oper...

PRICE: $.85

Ad Space Title: Television And Internet Advertising

Description: Punch TV Studios broadcasts to over 26 million households and streams on the Internet. You can watch Punch TV on any device including ipads, iphones, ...

PRICE: Custom Packages

Ad Space Title: Advertise on Filmed in Utah

Description: These ads are sold for the show Filmed in Utah. This is a weekly 30 min show that is broadcast of 126,000 people in Utah.

PRICE: $5 - $20

Ad Space Title: Mobile Media

Description: Our client designs the ad routes. This includes special events and along busy routes.

PRICE: .032 cents

Ad Space Title: Northwest Wild TV Series Ad Spots

Description: Northwest Wild will broadcast 7 episodes per week on Comcast SportsNet Northwest and California. These two regional networks broadcast to 5.2 million...


"Advertising is salesmanship mass produced. No one would bother to use advertising if he could talk to all his prospects face-to-face. But he can't."
-Morris Hite