Ad Spaces

Ad Space Title: ads space sell

Description: site daily visitors 3000...... 5$ - 5 day.....


Ad Space Title: Protecting our most valuable asset: OUR CHILDREN

Description: We are addressing a National Crisis: Pedophiles and Predators are attacking our Children online. And, texting while driving is killing more kids than...

PRICE: $250

Ad Space Title: Free Conversion Rate Report Card

Description: N/A


Ad Space Title: Souvenir program booklet

Description: Rate start at $5 to $35

PRICE: Varies

Ad Space Title: Iran International Market

Description: Iran International Market,the best in Export and Import

PRICE: 250

Ad Space Title: Washington OddFellows Newspaper

Description: We mail out our Newsletter end each month except for July & August.


Ad Space Title: NAM pageant

Description: To help sponsor your self and to help a young lady reach her goal. You can buy an ad that will be showed in the magazine next to the my name, Ashley H...

PRICE: 75,150,225,375,750(sizes are in the same order of price)

Ad Space Title: Credit Move

Description: This is an electronic newsletter for tips on credit repair and different services.

PRICE: 500.00 per month

Ad Space Title: Antietam Musical Program Ad Space

Description: Antietam holds a musical every year, where we have a program that helps fund the program and advertise your business! Contact me for info!

PRICE: $25 quarter page, $40 half page, $75 full page

Ad Space Title: Reach out to the brazilian community in your area with the best brazilian newspaper in New England online and Printed

Description:  Frequency: Weekly Distribution: Free (Massachusetts) for 289 Brazilian Stores Size: 32 - 40 pages Color and B&W Circulation: 5 thousand a week ...

PRICE: it varies by space

"There is no such thing as a Mass Mind. The Mass Audience is made up of individuals, and good advertising is written always from one person to another. When it is aimed at millions it rarely moves anyone."
-Fairfax Cone