Ad Spaces

Ad Space Title: The Select Concierge

Description: The Select Concierge is a seven inch touchscreen tablet that is placed inside each hotel room in a hotel property. Hotel information, attraction info...

PRICE: 1500

Ad Space Title: LED Digital Signage Network

Description: LED Digital Signage in the Edmonton area, expanding throughout Alberta. Located in high traffic bowling alleys, restaurants, and waiting rooms. Great ...

PRICE: $39.99

Ad Space Title: Marian Towers

Description: Our media outlet (big screen TV) is located in the lobby of Marian Towers The building is located in Hoboken NJ. This particular location should be at...

PRICE: $ 335.00 for each spot

Ad Space Title: Linked Bingo Board TVs Digital Signage

Description: Viewers are glued to these screens to play bingo game. Demographic 20% men 80% women avg age 50s . Longer Video ad spots possible. gamblers , elderly,...

PRICE: $20 min & Negotiable

Ad Space Title: Window Projection Digital Advertising

Description: Outdoor window projection advertising in a prominent outdoor shopping center that receives over 4 million customers per year. Advertising location is...

PRICE: $700

Ad Space Title: 105,000 Weekly Footfall Advertising Space

Description: IDC-Intell install fully automated touch screen kiosks for the purpose of data capture. When the kiosks are in idling mode they show advertising. The...

PRICE: £200 per advertisement

Ad Space Title: Online Video TV Advertising

Description: Please contact for more information

PRICE: Please contact for more information

Ad Space Title: Digital Advertising in front of captive audiences

Description: We provide digital media and advertising solutions for all businesses looking to gain a competitive edge within their industries. Because our clien...

PRICE: $450

Ad Space Title: Digital Advertising Space on LCD Screens in Medical Buildings

Description: Admerge Media across the medical industry. We have over 75 locations in the GTA medical community Your advertisement will be shown on an LCD's o...

PRICE: $50-$220

"There is no such thing as a Mass Mind. The Mass Audience is made up of individuals, and good advertising is written always from one person to another. When it is aimed at millions it rarely moves anyone."
-Fairfax Cone