Ad Spaces

Ad Space Title: Score Board

Description: Place logo on PVC scoreboards, placed in sports clubs, schools universities

PRICE: £30

Ad Space Title: elevator ad

Description: Elevator advertising achieved the highest media recall with 96% compared to 33% for mailer ads Our high impact boards can't be turned off or discar...

PRICE: $200

Ad Space Title: 150 foot x 250 foot horse arena looking for advertisers

Description: Sandstone Ridders Saddle Club needs to replace our arena footing. We, for the first time ever, will be taking donations for the right to display your ...

PRICE: $20-$85

"There is no such thing as a Mass Mind. The Mass Audience is made up of individuals, and good advertising is written always from one person to another. When it is aimed at millions it rarely moves anyone."
-Fairfax Cone