Ad Spaces

Ad Space Title: One year Supply of Replenish Mineral Drink

PRICE: 100.00

Ad Space Title: 40 foot schoolbus for countrywide community outreach

Description: We have a 40 foot schoolbus that is in great condition, outfitted for community outreach programs. Currently the bus is blank, with with the original ...

PRICE: negotiable

Ad Space Title: RADIO UPROAR

Description: RADIO UPROAR, the world's premiere online radio station formatted 100% for the global local music industry, is leasing 3" X 2" ad blocks on our limous...

PRICE: $200.00

Ad Space Title: Wrap My Ride

Description: I live in Oak Creek, WI and drive to work on the freeway to my job in the middle of downtown Milwaukee's financial district, and I park in the parking...

PRICE: $500

Ad Space Title: Cute Blonde in Volkswagon drives everywhere

Description: Plenty of ad space to be filled! I drive daily through the Anniston, Oxford,Jacksonville, Southside, Gadsden, Attalla, Birmingham (and much more) are...


Ad Space Title: Marian Towers

Description: Our media outlet (big screen TV) is located in the lobby of Marian Towers The building is located in Hoboken NJ. This particular location should be at...

PRICE: $ 335.00 for each spot

Ad Space Title: Sponsorship

Description: As a sponsor of my new website you will pay me $40,000 a month. 1: Your business name will be placed in the web site banner as a powered by. 2: You...

PRICE: 40,000 a month

Ad Space Title: F150 Tail Gate ADs Space for Lease

PRICE: 300

Ad Space Title: Chevy Malibu ad space

Description: tan runs wells and driven all about Tennessee in the Nashville area.

PRICE: 500

"When executing advertising, it's best to think of yourself as an uninvited guest in the living room of a prospect who has the magical power to make you disappear instantly."
-John O'Toole