Ad Spaces

Ad Space Title: Full Page w Large screenshot and 1200 characters text

PRICE: $39 One Time

Ad Space Title: Advertise your business on a pedicab in BUSY downtown Nashville, TN

Description: Advertise in one of the busiest up and coming cities in the states! Music City's downtown is BOOMING and the amount of people that visit here is STAGG...

PRICE: 250

Ad Space Title: National primetime sports show on CBS Sports selling ad spots for local pricing

Description: Poker Night In America is a top rated, national sports show, airing in primetime, nationwide, on CBS Sports every Monday evening. Our cast includes H...

PRICE: negotiable, starting at $500 for a national, primetime ad spot.

Ad Space Title: Pixel Helpers The greatest tragedy is indifference

PRICE: Pay only once - Your ad stay on the website forever, You pay only one time

Ad Space Title: Mobile Truck Advertising

Description: Advertising that travels along major highways and local streets, ensuring your message is seen by everyone on the road; that’s the power of Mobile T...

PRICE: Negotiable

Ad Space Title: Selling ad space on my bike

Description: Selling space on my mongoose DXR AL mountain bike. I ride it to school everyday.

PRICE: 5.00

Ad Space Title: BMW Ad Space

Description: Contact me for pricing

PRICE: Depends on Size of ad

Ad Space Title: Bordeaux Chill Stress to Success

Description: Bordeaux Chill is a music station designed to create more optimistic and positive feeling of life. “Bordeaux Chill” brings an enlightened effect o...

PRICE: .50

Ad Space Title: Touch 90,000 Listeners Per Month

PRICE: 125.00

"When executing advertising, it's best to think of yourself as an uninvited guest in the living room of a prospect who has the magical power to make you disappear instantly."
-John O'Toole